Thursday, 1 June 2017


The New Lagos State Commander, Senior Comrade Taiwo Ogunjimi

The New Lagos State Commander, Senior Comrade Taiwo Ogunjimi has stated that WAI Brigade contributes to the fight against terrorism through community policing and intelligence gathering. He disclosed this during an interview conducted at the one day induction course organized by the WAI Brigade in Lagos, recently.
According to him, “WAI Brigade is a voluntary organization and we believe in discipline, committed to ensuring discipline while curbing crime in the society. To this end, we contribute our little efforts to stop terrorism in Nigeria. We help in the in the fight against terrorism through community policing and intelligence gathering. It is a community based organization, as such, such responsibilities are easy. We are make moves too, in as much as the police and others armed forces are doing their jobs too. We are always on alert, always keeping watch of any insecurity especially at the grassroot, and such acts are reported to the appropriate authorities. We have means of reaching out to the police as quick as possible. Our goal is to ensure that the society is safe for every Nigeria to live in, without fear.”
Speaking on President Buhari’s recent recognition of the Brigade, he noted that WAI Brigade was founded by the Buhari/Idiagbon military regime in the early 1980s, and has since been been recognized. However, he pointed out that the recent publicity in the media about the WAI Brigade recognition, was born out of the repackaged structure the administration underwent in the Brigade to ensure it soothes the democratic regime and conform with what the government wants to achieve. “We appreciate the repackaged structure in the WAI Brigade, as we look forward to seeing more impacts from the government”.
Expressing himself at his induction ceremony, he reiterates “I was made the Lagos State Commander in January, but today is the hand-over proper, and I’m glad to have attained that position. I was the assistant to the out-going Lagos State Commander, who has now been made the Assistant National Commander, South-West Zone, Senior Comrade Adeoye. I have a good knowledge of what the Brigade expects from us, what he did during his tenure and where I could continue from. I hope that before the end of my tenure I would have achieved much more than my predecessors achieved. I will ensure the Brigade is standardized and that continues to government recognizes our worth. The former state commander spent 14years on seat, while my immediate predecessor spent 8years on seat. I would know how many year I would stay, but I hope that before the end of my tenure a remarkable difference will be noticed because living up to expectation is my watch word.”
“WAI Brigade came into being as a result of the lawlessness in the state in order to ensure discipline. I love the organization because of its concept of discipline and this was what compelled me to join after I finished my NYSC then. I also love to render voluntary services because I derive joy and fulfillment from doing that. Every member of the WAI Brigade is compelled to have a job before joining the Brigade since it’s a voluntary organization.
“WAI Brigade ensures discipline without arresting the erring citizens nor using guns. Discipline is carried gently with intelligence. We believe there various ways of killing a rat. We warn people first before meting out punishments. I however encourage Nigerians to be disciplined because Change begins with them.
The Assistant National Commander, South-West Zone, Senior Comrade Gabriel Adeoye who also spoke at the event, reiterated, “I was the Lagos State Commander, and when I was there, we acquired a new office, got two  operational vehincles, organized trainings, acquisition of uniforms, departmental heads also organized trainings. We did a lot. He was my assistant then when I was in that position and he knew all what we did. I expect the new Lagos Commander to do much more. My advice to him is to ask for advice when and where necessary so he shouldn’t work alone”.
On his part, the Director, National Orientation Agency x-rayed, “The present administration is very much keen on ensuring that the state of insecurity in the country is tackled. What we at NOA do, is that we engage in enlightenment drives across Nigeria. We try to ensure that we gather intelligence for immediate action. We get to the grass root and mobilize people to participate in government policies and pass on enlightenment talks to the people so that they appreciate what government is doing. We usually orientate Nigerians through our stakeholders traditional rulers, units of organizations, religious leaders, artisans, market men and women,etc. We carry out functions through fora, town hall meetings, community dialogue services, interpersonal talks, authorized campaigns, jingles, etc”
“The present administration has zero tolerance for corruption and indiscipline. It is no longer business as usual but business unusual. The position of the leadership will determine the steps of the followers. We have a president whose integrity cannot be questioned. This has led to the Federal Government’s ‘Change Begins with Me’ campaign which is spearheaded by National Orientation Agency. It has to do with the change in Value System- Values of honesty, self-reliance, hardwork, patriotism, etc. Show off those values and make everybody change. We want to demonstrate values and be a role model. The value system was down which led to an accumulated corrupt and indisciplined ways of doing things. If discipline thrives continuously, Nigeria can emerge one of the best economies in the world”.
L-R: The Lagos State Commander, Senior Comrade Taiwo Ogunjimi; Director, National Orientation Agency, Comrade Waheed Ishola; and Assistant National Commander South-West Zone, Senior Comrade Gabriel Adeoye at the WAI Brigade induction course held at Ikeja recently

“WAI Brigade is a baby of NOA. WAI Brigade is the only para-military body recognised by the Act of Parliament and was ceded with the NOA via Decree 100 of the 1999 constitution. Fighting corruption and security consciousness is the job of everybody. It starts from the home. Some of the things WAI Brigade did in those days are still there, for instance the cue culture where people have to cue for bus is still being practice till date. For us to change our attitudes, we need people who are already orientated, and who can lead a group of people. WAI Brigade member have been orientated enough to impact it into others. The moment you see the WAI Brigade with their uniform Green, White Green, you will know that they are serving Nigeria”.