Tuesday, 9 May 2017

How Addicted Are You To Your Phone?

The way and manner we react when our phones are no where in sight can be very funny and worrisome. Couples get mad at each other for loss or misplacement of their phones. In fact, cash is easily diverted to fix phone problems or get a replacement when necessary. 
photo credit:thebig98
An addiction is basically when a thing begins to control your life and interferes with your daily activities, work and relationships. When your phone starts taking over in this regard then it has become an addiction you need to immediately break.

However, we have to be wary of some of the symptoms of  'nomophobia'-Short for "no-mobile-phone phobia," this is exactly what it sounds like. The fear of being without your phone include anxiety or negative physical symptoms, if you have lost or cannot use your cell phone, obsessively checking to make sure you have your phone with you, and constantly worrying about losing it somewhere. Interestingly, in a study, it was found that women suffer from this more than men. 

Apart from the health hazards addicts are exposed to, it is also important for couples and parents to minimize the effect our love for this necessary gadget (phones) is having on our marriage and family. 

Some parents have been so carried away in their activities on phone to the point of loosing close relationship with their children. Children too find solace in their gadgets and it goes on and on. 

Phones has taken the place of effective communication and the physical romance in our relationships. Men buries themselves in phones at home when they are supposed to be sharing about how their day went with their spouses which will lead to more emotional connection with their each other. 

I have heard some of my friends saying that, they have to retaliate by getting phones with premium gadgets to also occupy them since their husbands does not have time for them. 

Sadly some of us even get to run to our phones to seek comfort and laughing moments with chats, photos and messages been shared on Watsapp, Instagram, Facebook etc. 

We often associate bad backs or arthritis with older people or an old sports injury. Unfortunately, there has been an increase with back and spine problems associated with the posture we use while texting. So teens are also not left out.  

I am not saying we should not use phones, but we should curtail excesses that may hinder our relationships or break our homes. Let's have a physical  bond with our children and loved ones. 

Kindly break this jinx with the following tips which I believe might be of help:
1) Dedicate the first 10 to 20 minutes of your day to appreciating your creator and then plan the day to create a good start.

2) A no-phone periods should be created by you to manage your family and have a quality time with them

3) Insomnia is real, don't invite it by depriving yourself of sleep. Set limits and be disciplined. Your health and your relationship is important, phones will come and go.  

4) Turn off notifications from apps that are more disturbing e.g Watsapp group chats etc

Stay health, Stay loving and Keep looking Charming!