Monday, 26 October 2015


Medtronic, the world’s largest medical technology, services, and
solutions company, and Renescor, Limited Liability Partnership, have
signed a partnership deal to bring high quality cardiac care and
healthcare managed services to the purpose-built Gbagada Cardiac and
Renal Centre (CRC) in Lagos.

Renescor was recently awarded a five-year concession agreement with
the Lagos State Government to activate and bring high quality services
to the purpose-built Gbagada Cardiac and Renal Centre (CRC). Renescor
is partnering with Medtronic to help manage CRC’s Cath-Lab, Operating
Room (OR) and ICU.

Chairman of Renescor, Dr Ladi Awosika, explained: “Nigeria is in
desperate need for efficient Cath-Labs and operating rooms (OR) to
treat more patients locally. Lagos currently has only two operational
Cath-Labs to serve a population of 16 million and is in critical need
of more.”

Dr. Ladi added “We decided on Medtronic because it is the largest
medical technology manufacturer globally with over 65 years of
experience and positive track record of delivering value to their
customers and partners. Our collaboration will ensure the hospital is
run to the highest global standards of care quality, efficiency,
patient safety, and optimised capacity to help more patients be

The agreement, which runs for a term of four years, will see Medtronic
Integrated Health Solutions Department partnering with Renescor to
help finance, manage, and optimise services in Cath-Labs, OR and ICU.
The partnership consists of end-to-end management of these units,
which includes operational support, staffing and material management,
deployment of the latest Cardiovascular Information System,
operational excellence Lean/Six sigma consulting services, continuous
performance assessment and benchmarking services, advising on and
implementation of growth programs, as well as training and education
services for cardiovascular therapies.  The aim is to transform CRC
into a leading regional centre that achieves global standards of care
in line with international leading institutions.

Khodor Mekkaoui, Head of Medtronic Integrated Health Solutions for
Middle East, Africa, Central Asia and Turkey commented: “Our
involvement at CRC is a distinctive example of Medtronic’s Integrated
Health Solution offerings. We are moving beyond the supply of devices,
to deliver healthcare services that would ensure more access to
patients in areas where it is currently not readily available. The
Integrated Health Solution model helps optimise healthcare delivery
and drives greater economic value.”
This is the first undertaking of its kind by Medtronic IHS Department
in Africa, and underscores its vision to address universal healthcare

Mekkaoui added: “This important contract presents a unique opportunity
for Medtronic to showcase its skills and expand its footprint in
Africa, where there is also a great need for investment in healthcare
sector, in countries facing a lack of funding and shortage of

Dr Awosika agreed:  “Many issues faced in Nigeria today are similar to
those in other African nations. We believe that the Medtronic
integrated health solutions can be adapted and customised to other
African countries.”
He added:  “Medtronic’s role and dedication as a partner shows how
they are truly dedicated to improving care in African nations, as can
also be seen through one aspect of their mission, which is to help in
the globalisation of care by addressing inequities in healthcare
access and affordability around the world.”

Renescor Limited Liability Partnership is a special purpose vehicle
registered for the purpose of providing first class End Stage Renal
Disease Services and Cardiology Healthcare Services to Lagos State
residents and the broader Nigerian population.

Medtronic plc headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, is among the world's
largest medical technology, services and solutions companies -
alleviating pain, restoring health and extending life for millions of
people around the world. Medtronic employs more than 85,000 people
worldwide, serving physicians, hospitals and patients in more than 160