Monday, 20 July 2015

Olashore introduces golf in school curriculum

The management of Olashore International School said it has concluded plan to introduce golf in its co curriculum activities.
This will set the school as the first school in Nigeria and indeed the African continent to do so.
The school which is known for excellence and uniqueness said that the move is in line with its commitment to give her students well-rounded education, blended with technology and leisure so as to raise truly global leaders.

Olashore introduces golf in school curriculum
Chairman, Board of Governors, Olashore International School, Prince Abimbola Olashore

The management in a statement said it is poised to increase interest in golf to other parts of the country and make Nigeria a potential golf destination.
Among other sites include, the Royal Park Hotel golf course in Osun state, located at illoko-ijesha, Osun State, with the 18 hole Golf Course is 6km long, 9 holes located on 3km each, situated on 35 hectares of land (area), on about 6 to 6.5km walking distance. It also has Par 3s holes which is 310m long, Par 4s holes which is 350m long, and Par 5s holes which is 500m long.
Speaking at the formal advance presentation of the course, the Chairman Board of Governors, Olashore International School and the Royal Park Hotel, Prince Abimbola Olashore, stated that the goal of the school is to make illoko-ijesha, Osun State a golf tourism destination. “From illoko here, within one hour drive, are various tourist attractions, we have the Osun group, Kogosi wolf space, ijesha water-fall, UNESCO heritage, and so on. Illoko- the home of Olashore International School is strategically in the middle”, he added.

To demonstrate its commitment and sense of purpose, a high powered Interim Committee was set to fast track the completion of the project and bring it to world class standards.
The Chairman of the Interim Golf Committee, Prince Tayo Haastrup, stated that , “Golf is relaxing and great for networking.
“We thank God we are having the first of its kind golf course in illoko-ijesha. This will not only boost the interest in golf outside the big cities, but it also promotes leisure and overall well-being. This will be good eventually not only for the people of Osun state, but for the game of golf at large.”

According to a former Golf Captain, General Victor Odeka, he stated: “Most people at this inaugural meeting are from this area, and they have been longing for a Golf course so that home coming residents, corporates, parents of Olashore School and tourists desiring a serene environment will find the proposed golf course in Osun state a major attraction. And Golf is certainly not for the rich alone, or old people!”
On blending Education, leisure and lifestyle, Prince Bimbo Olashore reiterated that the trio is a continuum.
He said: “Lifestyle is a blend of what you do socially and family wise, while education is a life -long teaching that doesn’t stop. If you do sports in an education center, it means you are learning in an environment that promotes a very lifestyle. Golf is a social game for networking and character building. Though people see golf as expensive as a game player by the upper class, it teaches patience and peace of mind. And that is why we want to introduce it to our children at a tender age.” 
In this light, the Principal of Olashore International School, Mr Derek Smith added thus: “I think Golf is a great sport for the children to learn, and it’s really interesting. On the game, you learn self-control. Now that there’s going to be a Golf here now, everyone has the opportunity to learn lessons in the morning before school hours, in the evenings, and during weekends. In spite of the fact that we have competitions round the school, I think some of our students can partake in the competition.”
The interim committee members includes:  Prince Tayo Haastrup, Hon Gbenga Onigbogi, Chief Akin Akinola, Dr Akin Moses, Mr Seyi Onajide, Mr Kunle Ogunbufunmi, Mr Tunde Fagbenle, Mr Oluseyi Lufadeju, Mr Femi Feyide, Arc Ayo Onajide, and Prince Lekan Olashore.