Monday, 20 July 2015

Nigeria’s Online Editor Of Wins Digital Publishing Award In New York

Eustace Dunn, an associate senior editor of, emerged one of the awardees at the just-concluded Digital Publishing Innovation Summit in New York, the United States of America. The award ceremony took place on Friday, July 17, 2015.

(L-R) Nathan Meyer, the summit organiser, and Eustace Dunn.
(L-R) Nathan Meyer, the summit organiser, and Eustace Dunn.

Dunn was one of four people to receive the highly competitive award. He beat five other US-based media nominees to clinch the award of best innovation for integration of mobile in digital publishing. Other awards are ‘best platform for audience development’, ‘best newcomer’ and ‘most successful integration of video’.
Speaking to the audience after being presented the award, Dunn, who joined’s editorial crew from Tell magazine last month, said:“It is a pleasure and I am highly honoured to be here among various IT and media industry experts. I am here to reveal to you that Nigeria is not left out in the global digital publishing trend. I have a lot to take back home to Nigerians because we are a great potential audience for digital publishing.”
He further pointed out that the age of digital publishing is no longer confined to the conventional publishing companies who are still hoping to grab the largest share in today’s digital marketplace.
Dunn also noted that as content becomes the main key to getting and retaining target audience, everyone is a publisher.
Speaking at the ceremony also, Bryan Davies of Consumed Media, who was awarded ‘best platform for audience development’, urged digital media publishers to give more attention to audience as they are the final arbiter of the contents disseminated.
For Rick Shafranek, the vice president of ProImage based in New Jersey, the award which was won by a Nigerian has opened his eyes to the possibilities in Nigeria.
“This is why we are partnering with a Nigerian in Nigeria to provide an enabling mobile platform for Supreme Magazine.”
He said his organization looks forward to doing more digital publishing partnerships with Nigerians.
Furthermore, Naomi Snyder, the managing editor of the BankDirector, a US-based bank media, commended’s editor, and said that his feat has dispelled her previous views about Nigerians being backward in the digital age.
Also, the news automation editor at the Associated Press (AP), Justin Myers, congratulated the only Nigerian present at the summit.
Dunn told other staff from the AP who wanted to know more about Nigerian media that the country is a great business place especially for the media industry and that Nigerians are information-loving people. He stressed that based on this, the country has a large market for digital publishing and hungers for moreINVESTORS in the industry.
The Innovation Enterprise head of digital, Nathan Meyer, who organised the summit, congratulated all the awardees and those who were present at the award ceremony urging everyone to put their best in the journey of digital publishing.
“This summit gives attendees great insight into the world of digital publishing, all from the viewpoint of some of the industry’s most respected executives,” Nathan explained.
The summit focused on the monetization of contents, how to regain media audience, and success in the generation of social publishing amongst many other topics.
The organizing company, which is also a publishing firm and independent business-to-business multi-channel media brand focused on information needs, in a note said that digital companies need to be on top of what’s happening around them and that the digital space is evolving, and quickly.
“So it’s imperative for companies toINVEST in the latest tools available in order to increase their online presence and cement themselves as digital leaders,” the organizer stressed.
Present at the summit were speakers from more traditional publishing companies such as Penguin, Vanity Fair, Bloomberg, Washington Post, New York Times, and Hearst who have made the digital transition in the US, to more recent digital media organizations including Mashable, Quartz, Playboy, Refinery29, Huffington Post and many others.